Dynamic shadows performance on Android


I know it’s a recurring question but I’ve been reading quite a lot for a while and trying lots of things and I still can’t make this work properly.

I’ve a very basic scene setup that I’m testing in a Samsung Galaxy S5. The scene is under all the recommended parameters in terms of Draw Calls, Triangle Count and Shader complexity. All the lights are static but a Directional Light that is stationary and has CSM shadows enabled (also tried with Modulated shadows). I don’t use post processing effects and all my lightning is bake with the exception of that Directional Light. I only use two materials and three material instances. So I guess this is what we could consider a mobile targeted project.

So with this settings if I have Cast Dynamic Shadows enabled in the Directional Light I get only 30FPSs, if I disable it, I get steady 60FPSs. I’ve tried with LDR and HDR, same results.

So the question is simple, can I count with having dynamic shadows on mobile (obsiously using CSM or Modulated) and getting 60FPSs or I can just forget about it? What other settings/tricks are people using for dynamic shadowing in mobile?

Thank you.

For anybody that can try, just go to File -> New Level and create a Default Level. Enable Cascade Shadows with parameters from here, basic materials and LDR (also tried with HDR), launch it in a Galaxy S5 or similar and see the results: getting around ~50.

Not sure if I’m expecting too much and this is what it should be but I’d expect steady 60FPS with such a basic setup even on mobile bit again I don’t really know what to expect from Unreal Mobile.