Dynamic Server Instances (For Multiplayer MatchMaking through Gamesparks)

Hey All!

I have been working on a listening server for unreal engine to dynamically start and stop instance of dedicated servers for the purpose of matchmaking or even dungeon level instances for an MMo. I have successfully been able to receive a matchmaking request (which is a simple get url with headers) to this custom server I have made, and through the logic of the server generated arguments such as a unique port and map. The listener then spins up a dedicated server based on these values, and returns the connection info back to game sparks (or back to the game client of unreal engine). I have not seen this matchmaking be talked about in detail too much, and only saw one instance of this on the marketplace.

Based on this, Is there any interest in this code being released both as a project with a small fee and tutorial/documentation?

I tend to buy whatever looks interesting enough to help me learn something new. This is definitely one of those cases so I’d like to see it on the Marketplace or Gumroad!

This is what I’ve been looking for, I would definitely buy this.