Dynamic/Runtime spline mesh CPU heavy?

Hey guys

I have a spline road which I have made update during run time to look as if it is bending/warping.

I’m using spline mesh and setting the location and bank of each point in the spline to a random point close to where it started every 3 seconds, then using vinterp/finterp to smoothly move the spline mesh to the new point by setting its location and roll every frame.

This results in a pretty cool effect.

Only problem is this is very heavy on the cpu, I’m getting very low fps with only about 10 points in my spline.

I see something similar with updating a spline dynamically in the content examples (the fish) so I’m sure it’s meant to be used like this… either it is just really heavy on cpu or I’m doing something wrong here?

BTW I’m using 4.12

I just tried opening the project with 4.16 and there is no noticeable drop in performance, there must have been some serious optimisations somewhere! Unfortunately I can’t upgrade the project yet but I will eventually :slight_smile:

Hey Bishop, could you tell me how to create Dynamic Splines using C++ Code or via Blueprint. I am new to Unreal Engine 4 and struggling with it. I do know how to create splines manually.