Dynamic rotating staticmeshactor collision problem

Hi everybody,

I’m developping a game where a gate comes down at the beginning of the match allowing players to access an arena.

The gate is a StaticMeshActor. At the early stage of level design the gate was horizontal and a character could walk on it. Later I add some dynamic rotation to it using SetActorRotation to bring it from Vertical position to Horizontal using a timer. When the gate reach the horizontal position characters fall through it. I tried all sort of collision settings (CCD, custom collision box etc…) nothing woked. I can see the mesh rotating properly, I printed the rotator of my collision box at each tick.Everything is correct but the “collision” don’t seems to follow the rotation.

I can’t see what i’m missing. I’ve already spend some hours on it, so any help is really appreciated.


Little bump ! I haven’t found the solution yet.

If you guys need more info don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks to all.