Dynamic render target. Three simple steps that crash the engine.

My aim is to dynamically create a TextureRenderTarget2D for an actor and then set it as the render target of Scene Capture Component 2d component.
Before I reach the step of passing the texture to a dynamic material for visualizing it in the game, the game crashes.

This happens every time I tested it.

I couldn’t attach a project, so a made a screenshot of the small blueprint needed to test this.


I know, quite old post, but I did run into the same problem. For now, I found that using "Create Render Target 2D" instead of “Construct Texture Render Target 2D” seems to work and also exposes the texture size and format. Using UE 4.20.2 - no real experience with previous versions as I’m quite a beginner. Going ahead with this, for now, it looks good.