Dynamic preview icons


Im working on a project that requires an inventory system with a large number of icons. These are icons of models that can be taken out of the inventory when clicked.

Is it possible to create this dynamically instead of having thousands of icons? These are all shown at the same time, in a grid, and i need a way to create these icons dynamically by simply providing the static mesh that should be in the icon. Unreal Engine already does this when selecting a static mesh

I have attempted using a SceneCaptureComponent2D in an actor, but this only works for 1 icon or static mesh at a time, at least how im doing it. What is the best way of doing this sort of thing, if its even possible. Seeing as Unreal Engine already does this for static meshes, would there be a simple way of grabbing that preview and render it into an preview icon for the buttons in the inventory?

I’ve been lost at this issue for some time, and I’m not sure having thousands of image or icon files would be optimal.

I searched about this, there are no ways to get that.

If you have thousand of icons already, you can make array including that icons.
So when Inventory refreshing, get elements(in inventory array) search their icons in ‘Icon array’ by using a sort of key ID.

But If you have to make thousand of icons, It is no other way.

I tried to search the way making a icon automatically… (maybe by using a fixed camera angle and position)
But I failed.

If you find other ways, Please let me know!

There has to be some way of doing this, if it was possible to render multiple objects, one after another in a SceneCaptureComponent2D to a Renter Target, it could work. Or use the same method as used by the engine to capture the models and materials you create and import. If the engine can do it, so should the games made on it be able to, just gotta figure out how, is all :slight_smile:

Still, if anyone has any clues on how this could be done, I’m all open to suggestions!