Dynamic Plane Deformation Blueprint with Snow Demo

Hey Guys,

Just letting you know my blueprint is on the marketplace

The snow will be deformed by anything, any shape, any size however the drawback is the snow is planar (flat) and not really feasible for huge areas



Oh my god this is awesome! I was looking at doing something like this for a personal project, and here I see your thread!

Good job!

Can you create water fake waves? Like a box dropping into water making physical noise?

Epic have something like that in their Content examples from 4.13 onwards in the draw material to render target level

I’m glad you like it

Excellent product, thanks.

Is it possible to apply decals to the snow?

I only just saw this I apologize, I know it’s too late but yes you can. I don’t know how I wasn’t notified of the post. Once again I’m very sorry.

No worries, it’s all good. Any info on applying the decal?

What are you doing with the decal?
Do you want to permanently depress the snow?

I was testing out blood splatter on the snow. I have a simple decal setup and I was wondering about having it appear on the snow surface and not depress it.
I already own the blueprint, it’s a lot of fun, nice work.

I just ran a test to double check, and the decal didn’t depress the snow.
It should only be affected by geometry
would you be able to post a picture, you can send it to my email if you want
Thanks man, I’m glad you like it

This generally works great, looks great, thanks, but am getting a bug where all the snow disappears in an instant. None visible anymore, as if the BP had been just shut off. It immediately starts regenerating and filling in the scene from 0 snow (which works great, btw) as if nothing went wrong.

This vaguely seems to correlate with the BPs Box Begin/End Overlap events, so I’m speculating it might be related to physics, i.e. maybe there are corner cases where too many things bouncing around at once causes the Capture booleans to be in the wrong state.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot/fix? Thanks.

I think I’m going to remove the overlap part of the blueprint, I found an issue where once a projectile is destroyed it clears the snow. There are too many uses where people would want different setups. I’m going to remove the on overlap and update the files. Thank you for pointing that out for me, I don’t know what I was thinking when I put that in there.

What is this doing in community assets if it is not free?


Mods that used to prune Community-tools like @DotCam don’t seem to be around anymore???
@ambershee @darthviper107 @TheJamsh are active, but Community Tools isn’t on their radar. :frowning:

Moved to Marketplace.