Dynamic obstacle

I am making a building that charchter should avoid while pathfinding.After that i solved the problem for the mesh(even if i am not sure how it happened) :
When i use a blueprint that make the mesh move path dont rebuilt and character still avoid the old building position and try to pass by the the building new position.
Yes i know i enabled rebuilt at real time in navigation system and mesh in projet setting but it still dont work…
Thanks for your help i am really desperate after 1 hour and half trying to solve the problem

Hello,Not sure it will help but have you try to change the type of your building (static /movable on first hand and pawn static mesh block all overlap etc on other hand). Maybe one type as some different effect on real time path finding

ty.tried some changes but still the same.Any ideas? or maybe i will just wait to the future builds

:frowning: that it not helped. I look at navmesh example content and say you if i find something interesting.

It seems that there are troubles with navmesh realtime (i have seen some threads about that on answerhub :

But i just got an idea maybe right to help you time the trouble is solved : Creating separate navmeshes and spawn / set the ones that are ok and not the others. Like a branch : true then spawn the building. False then spawn the navmesh. (with a toggle active for example.)

Thanks so much for doing your best. I am now so tired i will think/try your solution tomorrow . And will tell you also tomorrow if it work.Stay tuned :slight_smile:
btw how to spawn navmeshes in blueprint? without using level blueprint?


I made a few tries this morning but it worked fine with one navmesh. (i was moving a wall with a trigger on a bot movement and path was changing ).
To help you debug, you can set the execute console command node in your level blueprint with the command “show command” as seen in navmesh content blueprint. You’ll can see your navmesh evolution at run time.

But there was different results depending on collision presets. maybe one mesh is no collision or overlap all and then ignored by navmesh. What i mean is that a wall changes the navmesh but a player without setup don’t, so the trouble is certainly there.

Thanks but show command isnt showing me navmesh evolution…Anyway I am getting 4.2 + content example for navmesh hope it will work
Edit: Work perfectly with 4.2