Dynamic Obstacle Causing Severe Performance Hitching

Hi all,

I’m on a slightly older UE4 version currently (UE4 4.24.3), so not sure if fixed in latest release, but I’m noticing a very severe hitch in performance when spawning a collision volume set as a dynamic obstacle. Specifically, it starts to lag soon as a pawn is inside the volume.

Creating a stat file and checking the profiler points to the cause being the “Nav Tick: async build”, listed under Navigation in the categories.

Anyone else ever have this issue, and is there a possible fix? I may try out 4.26 to see if it exists there too but wasn’t sure. I’m essentially trying to create volumes with additional cost to enter/make the AI avoid a specific area for a certain time - and aside from the engine hitch, it does work. Not sure if there is a work around.


edit: turns out “full asynchronous rebuild” was turned off in my navigation mesh settings, which has fixed the issue.