Dynamic Night Sky With Day/Night cycle

I just submitted a Skysphere blueprint to marketplace, and i am just curious about if anyone is interested.

Here are some images, but honestly i believe images are not a good way to grade this, because it is flicker of stars that makes the night sky so gorgeuos, so if you are interested please check the video ^^(its at the bottom)

Material is completely variable driven, so it is very flexible and will feel unique with each change, and if you dont want to get drowned in variables, there are presets you can use built in. Here is the list of variables

*Auto Refresh boolean
*Presets Enum
*Sun Brightness
*Light Intensity
*Indirect lighting intensity
*Daylight Color
*Indirect Light Color
*Cloud speed
*Night sky Saturation
*Stars Brightness
*Flicker Speed
*Day length
*Use hour boolean
*Nightsky Offset
*Horizon Height
*Horizon Fall
*Moon Size
*Moon Brightness
*Moon Offset
*Flip Moon Boolean
*Moon Background Boolean


I know this is an old post but I would love to use this on my map I’m currently making for Ark Survival Evolved. If this was made with unreal version 4.5 I would like to try it out if I may.