Dynamic NavMesh generates fine in Editor, but not in Build!?

I have a Dynamic NavMesh that generates just fine in the Editor. But in a Build, the NavMesh doesn’t generate at all. Any reason for this discrepancy?

Video of problem- (First part is in Editor, Last part in Build)

I realize that the video shows two separate maps (maps are procedurally generated in this game, making it difficult to trigger the same map twice) but every map in my game is setup exactly the same way and this issue persists regardless of which map is loaded.

On rare occasions, a small section of NavMesh appears to generate in the build, as opposed to nothing at all. Its as if the NavMeshBoundsVolume bounds are being manipulated in the Build…

(using 4.22.3)

Managed to get this working by calling “OnNavigationBoundsUpdated” off of “GetNavigationSystem”.
Like so(coming off of EventBeginPlay)](Imgur: The magic of the Internet)

I was previously using the ExecuteConsoleCommand with argument “RebuildNavigation” which appears to work fine in the Editor but not with Shipping Builds, whereas the above method works with both Editor and Shipping builds.