Dynamic navmesh doesn't update on dedicated server

I’m running into an issue with using dynamic navmesh on a dedicated server. It does not seem to update at all. The navmesh updates correctly in both standalone and listen server, it is only on dedicated server where it does not work. More details below but my question is what are the things that could cause the dynamic mesh to not update in only that environment? Also I don’t understand how I can debug things like navigation mesh on the dedicated server since it doesn’t exist on the clients.

The game has a building system where you can place floors, walls and stairs to make buildings. These need to both block navigation (walls + stairs) and allow the character to navigate on top of them (floors + stairs). The characters in the game are ‘RTS-style’ where they are AI controlled with objectives set by the player controller. When it is working correctly (stand alone + listen) they will navigate around walls and stairs, and are able to climb stairs and walk on the placed floors. Only on dedicated server they do not account for the buildings and navigate as if the pieces do not exist.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated, thanks!

Just an extra note, it also does work on dedicated server when run through the editor. Only on a ‘true’ dedicated server (packaged, deployed server and connected from packaged client) does it not work