Dynamic NavLinkProxy

Is there any way to create a NavLinkProxy from a construction script? I would like to create a Blueprint Class to represent a window which the player can climb through. To save time when building the level, I would like to create a navmesh link on either side of the window when I place it in the level.

There was a question about this a year or so ago, but it didn’t receive any replies. Ideally I would like to accomplish this with blueprints, but can use C++ if necessary.

Had another thread on here a while back where we were discussing this, I don’t think any of us came up with a solution using the default navmesh stuff though so it requires more of a custom solution for navigation to get it to work.

Thanks ZoltanJr. I was beginning to suspect that this might not be achievable without a custom solution. Do you happen to have a link to the thread you mentioned? I’ve read all the posts relating to ‘navlinkproxy’, but I don’t think I saw that one.