Dynamic Nav Mesh rebuilds incorrectly

Hello. What i can see in the editor wiev:

And this in simulation:

Rebuild doesn’t help. I have to create a new map every time.

I would help, but I don’t think there’s enough information to answer your question. To me it just looks like there is a nav mesh that you say was built incorrectly, I can’t tell what’s wrong, and the 2 photos look correct as far as I can’t tell. Please tell me if I am missing something I would love to help!

Is there any way to refresh navmesh building date? (Build button didn’t help)
When i’m delete nav mesh volume and create new one, in the editor it’s looks like all correct (green space on the floors). But characters didn’t walk while simulation. When i use console command “show navigation” green space locating in the wrong place. It`s starts after moving nav mesh volume (first creating rooms with navmesh is ok. After mooving rooms with navmesh it’s starts).
Thanks for being willing to help me.

Sorry for getting back late. It may be because you are in simulation mode or PIE. Try using a new editor window or a standalone game. If not, check out this link: https://docs.unrealengine.com/enus/Resources/ContentExamples/NavMesh/1_3

and poke around a little. Also, are the actors static meshes or something else, i believe it wont work if they are not static meshes.