Dynamic Music Setup


I’m trying to implement dynamic music into my game.

The idea is simple. I want to Queue up the next audio track to be played based on the game state variable before the previous track ends.

Below is my WIP Blueprint.

Is this the best way to do it? How would I get the functionality described in the nodes I invented with the comment boxes?


still need help with this

I know it’s almost a year later but did you find any help? Did you happen to figure anything out? I switched over from Unity and was hoping someone could prevent me from reinventing the wheel or trying to port what I do have in Unity to C# and prefabs to blueprints. I’ve heard that UE is pretty bad with things like syncing but then again I get a lot of out of date information when searching Google.

This music idea of ​​yours is wonderful, wish you success
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I like your idea very much, it’s very clever