Dynamic(Moveable) lightning in Android..

Hello! So the lightning doesn’t seem to work with mobiles yet. I tried to look info but the lightning page gives error Lighting for Mobile Platforms | Unreal Engine Documentation

So is there a support or is there going to be support for movable spotlights and pointlights? Now they are just invisible when you run them on mobile. Thanks.

Dynamic Point Lights support for Mobile has been added in 4.9: Unreal Engine 4.9 Release Notes | Unreal Engine Documentation

But there are lots of questions about dynamic lightings are not working on mobile especially on android ? I have a dynamic moveable spot lights in my scene but both in mobile preview (PIE) and android build , these don’t seem working ?

I have also opened a post in bug reports.

If dynamic spot lights are supported right now, can you give me any solution ? maybe there is something that i did wrong.

Dynamic lights (any kind of) do not cast shadows on Adroid in 4.12.4