Dynamic mesh: RHI and visibility question

Based on the procedural plugin I coded up a class that could create but also animate a mesh entirely from the c++ side.

Unless the actor is selected in the outline view, the resulting mesh doesn’t show up in the canvas view (GetViewRelevance() sets bDrawRelevance and similar to true – what else is needed here?)

There’s a couple of APIs (e.g. BeginUpdateResourceRHI, MarkRenderDynamicDataDirty) that seem to be the key to giving the component’s tick function the opportunity to create/update the mesh – but I haven’t found much information in the docs.

afaict memory is not leaking, and there haven’t been any crashes so far – just curious if I’m using them correctly or just lucky so far?

the following is a sample scene w/ the source for MyMeshComponent – any advice or info is appreciated.