Dynamic material on emitter mesh is lost/replaced once owning actor moves

I’m having some trouble maintaining dynamic material instance on an emitter mesh.

Initially, when I create dynamic material to the particle system it is properly set but once I move(rotate, translate) the actor containing the particle system, somehow without me doing anything, that material is lost and a new material is set.
(ex. actor.prtcl->createdynamicmaterialinst(0); actor->rotate(x=15); actor.prtcl->getmaterial(0)!=prevcreatedmat;)

I’ve tried setting the particle(all by itself not owned by actor) on a test map and somehow originally assigned DMI is maintained.
(ex. prtcl->createdynamicmaterialinst(0); prtcl->rotate(x=15); prtcl->getmaterial(0)==prevcreatedmat;)

I was thinking that there must be some option somewhere on actor’s particle component that affects this but I haven’t had any luck yet.

Any help would be much appreciated.

My bad. The issue was occurring when I did it in a simulated run.

All is fine when I do actual execution.