Dynamic Material Instances not resetting?

I’ve been working on a system to create dynamic materials to be applied to static objects and realized that one of the objects wasn’t working with the system. I removed the object from the code, but the object hasn’t been reset to the default material. I have even tried deleting the material slot and applying the default material. I have also tried restarting the engine and my machine, as well as reimporting the static mesh. Nothing seems to be resetting the parameters. I’ve also checked the material itself, but it too is fine and works perfectly on other meshes in the same actor. Help please!

Can you show the problem mesh, ideally in the static mesh editor?

This sounds very strange, could you please show us the blueprint code, mesh details and the material graph?

Try this, and see if it helps. Note that I run this after I reset the skeletal mesh asset but I don’t know if that part is needed.