Dynamic Material Instance

I’m trying to make a material that when you click on it you get the option to change between color x, y, z with x being the original color. However this seems to be that it will on give y and z and I wouldn’t be able to return to x.
The other downside is I’m using FP mode and my character has a gun, BY PRESSING SHIFT + F1 it allows me to switch to mouse mode but when I click it just fires the gun and doesn’t run color select. I used this video to lay the ground work now I’m trying to branch off but new to blueprints. I’d really appreciate any input.

you can search and use flipflop node on your case.(the select color node need to have selectA boolean turn on or off)

If I check the box though will it not already turn on? Also the only place to put flip flop would be into the Vector Paramater? The third thing is will it only allow for the two colors now and you cant go back to the original?

If you have more than 2, then use a array of colors and then keep looping through them. I thought you just want to switch between that 2 color you provided.
I don’t think flip flop cares about which parameter, you would just have 2 lines that one with checkbox on and another off, that’s what flip flop do.
Or you could have a boolean and then use a not and set the boolean every time your event fires.
It’s all up to how you wire it, it’s just that your original BP only change once and then stop.

My overall goal is in this video around the 2:40 second mark. Seeing as how I am new to blueprints I thought it was made roughly the same way but I could be completely wrong.

it is obvious that video have custom UI elements made, it was early version as well, with UMG and what not, you can actually achieve better results.
try study more in the topic of UMG and blueprint communication, it will help you a lot in the long run.