Dynamic material instance on a particle system trough BluePrint not working properly

Hello, I am trying to change a certain parameter inside a Material which is a part of a particle emitter that i spawn using “spawn emitter attached” but the only way i found how to do it is not with"spawn emitter attached" but with a particle component inside the blueprint itself(if you know i will be happy to know :D)

this is how I tried to establish the dynamic material:

but i don’t get the right result, i used “named material override” and a “name material slot” in cascade but this is the result:

and this is how it suppose to look like:

it doesn’t change the parameter i specify and on top of that it looks like a completely different material

I am dealing with it for over a weak now and would really be glad for some help!

Thank you in Advance

is it that difficult?

there is a way perhaps to contact a developer?

Hi SoulsKeeper!

I am stuck at similar problem like this, wondering if you found a solution and would like to share a bit insight with us.
Thank you!