Dynamic Material Instance and morphing

This is more of an FYI but I figure it might help someone - either having the same issue or you identify it as a symptom with some related issue.
In Blueprints, I usually create a dynamic material instance once and save it in a variable for future use, but for some reason (probably feeling lazy that day) for one thing I started creating the DMI every frame. Weirdly any morphing I then did on the mesh had no effect. Changing it to set a DMI variable and using that instead fixed it.
I’m guessing creating a DMI on a mesh clears the morphs as morphs are material-based? If so I’m guessing this isn’t considered a bug :slight_smile:
I’ve tested under Windows and on a Nexus 9 tablet and get the same behaviour.

Hope that’s of some use!


Tom Macneil

Hi Tom -

You are correct, creating a Dynamic Material Instance will restore any default values to parameters and morphs at substantiation. You would have to them immediately set new values upon each creation of the Instance. This setup, while it will work, will also cause some performance issues where using the variable with one memory slot will slove.

Great thing to point out -

Thank You

Eric Ketchum