Dynamic Load Level

I want to load persistent level “Level_InGame” after loaded persistent level “Level_Lobby”.
when I used the function UGameplayStatics::OpenLevel(“Level_InGame”) “Level_Lobby” was destroyed.
But I want to “Level_Lobby” will be destroyed after “Level_InGame” loading complete.

I know how to do that there is create another persistent level that is included “Level_Lobby” & “Level_InGame”
and included level is set to blureprint load streaming state.

However, I have ingame level a lot ( InGame_A, InGame_B, InGame_C, … etc )
I’m not able to include all of level.
Any ways can i load level dynamically?

You will most likely want to use Load Level Instance instead:

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: I solved this problem to use Load Level Instance function.
but I faced another problem…
the Additional loaded level (Level_InGame) is included navMesh data.
but NavMesh didn’t work after Load Level Instance.
How do I get navmesh data in additaional loaded level?