Dynamic Lighting Shines Through Landscape

I am creating a day/night system for a project and I keep running into the same problem. I have created a landscape and have a dynamic light rotating around the landscape in the sky sphere. When it is daytime everything looks fine, but when the sun arcs underneath the landscape for nighttime the light shines through the landscape. I have tried to fix it for the last few days and I was unable to find a solution. I also looked around the Internet and no one seemed to be having the same problem.

Hello BlueEagle,

We actually have a tutorial that shows you how to set up time of day via blueprints. There is a section within the tutorial that mentions what to do if your sun is showing through the ground. Take a look at the tutorial for your solution, but in short you need to disable the sun when it reaches a certain point below the horizon line.

Time of Day Tutorial

This was taken directly from the tutorial’s troubleshooting part.

Let me know if this tutorial helped you fix the issue, or if you need more assistance.


That’s what I was looking for. Thank you.