Dynamic Lighting, not lighting

The lighting so far in my couple of maps has been excellent. Add some fog other effects, amazing.

But now Dynamic lighting, using Kismet flickering on fade out. Although I’m presuming Kismet isn’t the problem. In Matinee I use FloatPropertyTrack, default Brightness 0.0, then the trigger tells the Matinee to move to Brightness 1.0. On face value that works ok.

After setting up the warehouse lights in Kismet, the warehouse mesh -with all the mesh settings at default- the lighting on/off works fine. Then I rebuilt using lightmass and nothing: I mean the lights did not show up except for the MIC controlled textures, as shown in the image below(using Pointlight Toggleables):

These are the warehouse mesh’s default settings:

These are the warehouse’s mesh settings so that the lights will show up on the mesh as expected (note Static has shifted to Dynamic - The Editor changes it automatically -but not backwards, ie: Dynamic to Static).

Here’s the warehouse with UsePrecomputed Shadows false (unticked) It lights up as expected, again using PointLight Toggleables.

Why don’t I just use “UsePrecomputed Shadows false (unticked)” and be done with it?

The last image is from another area of the warehouse that that approach messes up - I’ve tried a variety of different lights and setting to try and fix this. Also without precomputed shadows the warehouse mesh is brighter inside so lights don’t really seem to be needed. Is there a way to darken the mesh -as in UT2004? for example?

If no one has a solution I’ll make all the lights Dynamic through Kismet which will fix the mess in the warehouse area not worked through Kismet.

All I really want is lights that light things up. Hope you can help me out.

Solved mostly as per solutions I’d considered above. Also removing the Skylight gave me the darkness of the mesh I’d wanted.

Messing around with the warehouse exterior I’m finding pointlights aren’t illuminating the meshes much anyway, which I’d already noticed in other maps. Increasing their LightSource Radius doesn’t do much, and Brightness they blaze. After a lightmass build their light on meshes seems sucked out. PointLight Moveables instead are working well, illuminating as I’d expect lights to illuminate. It’s not always the case though, sometimes they’re fine. In future I’ll be trying the basic pointlights first. If they don’t work - when I want a contrast of light on meshes to darkness beyond - I have the option to use moveables. And I’ll experiment further.

Hi, I am really impressed with your work, I am new here from Australia and I am looking for the ideas for lighting in my garage. And I think your work is inspired me a lot!