Dynamic lighting in HTML5

I was doing a quick test to see about dynamic lighting in games built for HTML5.

I’m not sure if this is expected, but for me dynamic lights don’t work at all. I have a simple scene, with two lights, one static (white) and the other dynamic (red).

Below is the game running in the PIE window:

And now in the game when built for HTML5 and running in Firefox nightly:


See, that only the static light is working. Am I doing something wrong or are dynamic lights just not supported in HTML5? Is there something I have to do to enable them?

I’m using the 4.4 binary release. The level was based off the first person template.

Anyone got anything on this?

I’d like to know if its a known limitation. And if so, is it permanent, and if not, what I am doing wrong?

I think I am running into the same issue as you. We also have some shaders to make the grass wave in the wind that are comepletely stationary in the HTML shipping build.


HTML5 Build:

HTML5 rendering follows the the normal ES2 mobile path. And I don’t think dynamic lighting is supported. That being said I believe that we should support dynamic lighting on HTML5 because we are not constrained by mobile GPUs. I will talk to the renderring guys and see what can be done. Although I don’t think this is going to happen any time soon. ( not 4.5 )

Any updates on this? Dynamic lighting in-browser would be super great.

we’re at version 4.8 now… has there been talks of supporting dynamic lighting in HTML5 yet?

Um…at version 4.10 now…not support dynamic lighting in HTML5 yet?