Dynamic lighting and shadows

Is it possible to add dynamic lighting and character shadows on mobile platforms? I have a scene of similar complexity to the UE4 sidescroller template in Unity, which can easly handle 3 or 4 dynamic lights on a nexus 4. When I build the sidescroler template for mobile, all my dynamic lights switch off.

I have same problem on nexus 4, I’ve got no lightmap or dynamic shadow showing.

Same for me also, on nexus 10.

This is what the available documentation says. Would love to hear some feedback from the developers on this. From what I’e read in the answer hub dynamic lighting isn’t a priority since high fps is a major focus.

character should receive dynamic shadows ! i dont know why unreal engine dont support this feature on Mobile devices ; this is so important to us .
i know that there is a small problem with the FPS but this decision actually is mine .