Dynamic-Length Bridges


i would like to present you my version of a “Dynamic-Length Bridge”.

check it out here

what do you think about it?

ARK j_mods

That is sexy. Though I recommend you tone down on the swaying rope big time. Rope wouldn’t move like that as gravity and the weight of the bridge would pull it down.

well, this happens only upon building and i think i cannot avoid it. the cable system in unreal is VERY limited and always spawns in from 0,0,0. it takes some seconds and then isn’t moving anymore. if i tune up the damping this initial process takes even longer. so i live with that for now.

This is an excellent implementation. Yeah, the swaying is being caused by the cable actor component behaviour. IIRC, there is a way to remedy this somewhat, but I can’t for the life of me recall what it is.