Dynamic Landscape

I’ve asked the uploader of the video myself how they were able to make this kind of system using Unreal Script. I understand the basics of it, and shouldn’t have a problem making the plane with the patches, the only things I don’t really understand are how the UV’s are implemented, or how the collision works. Is there possibly anything in the UDN that can point me in the right direction for the development of this kind of system? It seems like a bit of a longshot, but as far as the code that comes with the engine, I can’t really think of anything that uses techniques similar to this.

I plan on making an open source DOS-themed Open World/Rogue-Like in UDK, as a portfolio/resume piece and something I can share with the rest of the Unreal community, so I’m making a procedural map generator. The rest of the game will be relatively simple, but will include biomes, weather, simple combat, simple patrolling AI, simple inventory, and crafting systems, all in a big random open world terrain based map.