Dynamic Gravity Actor Component

Hello everyone!

This is from Dream Real (a small company which is composed by two gamers, me and my friend Gustavo, from Brazil).

I’m very happy to announce that Dynamic Gravity Actor Component has finally been released.

Here is the link to the marketplace page.

Dynamic Gravity Actor Component

I’m going to use this thread to announce new content for this product.

Us from Dream Real hope you enjoy it! We’re looking forward.

Important notes:
All blueprints are translated to Portuguese (BR)
This actor component is not able to change the gravity orientation for the Character Movement Component.


Version 1.2 - Working

Bugs know:
Character don’t change direction after ending overlap of Dynamic Gravity Force.

Multiple dynamic gravity widgets.
Multiple dynamic gravity force interactions
Possibility to add different force strenght depending on actor distance to dynamic gravity force.


Version 1.1 - Released 05/02/2016

Bug fixed:
Fixed a bug inside “GravidadeDinamicaAtor” (portuguese version) that it only interacted with the english version.

Change float variable “GravitacionalForceScale” to vector variable

Removed Value range of “GravityIntensity”.
Removed “DynamicGravityIntensity” float of Dynamic Gravity function

Variables added to Dynamic Gravity function:
[float] Dynamic Gravity Intensity X: Higher level of control of X axis, if the value is 0 or less, there is no force.
[float] Dynamic Gravity Intensity Y: Higher level of control of Y axis, if the value is 0 or less, there is no force.
[float] Dynamic Gravity Intensity Z: Higher level of control of Z axis, if the value is 0 or less, there is no force.
[bool] Repulse X: Repulse function added to X axis.
[bool] Repulse Y: Repulse function added to Y axis.
[bool] Repulse Z: Repulse function added to Z axis.
[float] Delay Start Dynamic Gravity: The time you want for the dynamic gravity to start working.
[float] Delay Inside Dynamic Gravity: Set the delay time you want for the dynamic gravity to stop working.
[bool] Character: Set true if the actor is a Character class.
[float] Delay After End Overlap Char: Set the time to regain control of the character after it leaves the overlapping area of Dynamic Gravity Force.
[bool] Manual Dynamic Gravity: Set true for the player to have control over when he wants to activate or deactivate the dynamic gravity for the character itself.
[bool] Overlapping: Set it true when the actor begins inside the Dynamic Gravity Force.
[dynamic gravity force] Dynamic Gravity Force: Set what Dynamic Gravity Force the actor is inside if the bool Overlapping is true.

New dynamic gravity function

New functions added to activate and deactive the dynamic gravity


Demonstration video.

Version 1.0 - Released 01/20/2016

Variables of Dynamic Gravity function:

[Primitive Component] Primitive Component: Connect what object you want to be affect by the dynamic gravity.
[bool] Gravity Actvated: Set it true to activate the gravity force that goes in one direction.
[vector] Gravity Direction: Gravity direction when Gravity is activated.
[float] Gravity Strenght: The strenght of the gravity force.
[bool] Activate Dynamic Gravity: Set it true to activate the dynamic gravity.
[float] Dynamic Gravity Intensity: Value that multiplies the dynamic gravity force strenght.
[bool] Trail: Set it true to leave a trail.
[bool] Adjust Rotation: Adjust the primitive component rotation when inside the gravitacional force.

Dynamic Gravity Function


We’re going to use this post to keep you update on the newest videos and features.

Full tutorial video (v 1.1)


Version 1.0

Quick Tutorial - English (v 1.0)

Quick Tutorial - Portuguese (v 1.0)

What’s inside the pack - Portuguese (v 1.0)

Nice project - Code looks clean and functions well.

Videos are terribly unprofessional and I had to stop watching over the giggling between the two. I’d advise to clean the videos up to be higher quality tutorials. — Audio is out of sync on the videos by 5-10 seconds so they are talking about screens that are no longer being shown. Very confusing!

Thank you for your opinion.

We have to agree with you, our intention was to launch two new videos tutorials (one in english and another in portuguese) today, but we had a problem with our microphone.
But some people already bought our product, and they deserve at least a tutorial video.

Check this thread tomorrow, it will probably have the new tutorials, more professional now.


Thanks for taking the feedback positively, great project - just needs some final touches :).

Some proper documentation would be great, It took me awhile to figure out how to set it up to work with the normal gravity force coming from UE4 and the gravity field actor removes the ability to scale the mesh negatively (Because the mesh scale for some reason is being tied into the gravity multiplier)

Thank you for the idea about the documentation!

I thought the scale for the gravity field actor could be easier to set up using one float that multiplies the entire scale, and this feedback is very important for me. I really want to improve this product a lot.

Thank you,

Hey , Gustavo. Nice project. Very reasonable price!

I’m trying to put together a rotational station with appropriate gravity. You’ve probably seen this kind of thing in sci-fi, but basically the gravity acts outwards from the middle of the station to the outside.

I’ve had a look at the videos. From what I heard it seems that it’s not possible to set this up simply. Is there any way to achieve a similar result with dynamic gravity components?

This looks interesting. Can it interact with the player and if so what’s it like? I assume it just pushes the player in the direction of gravity, doesn’t flip their view and such?

Thank you!

Yes, I understood what you want, but you can’t create this gravity effect with our product.

But, your idea is fantastic, this kind of effect is very fun. After read your post I maked some changes and tested the effect of a “repulsion” gravity, and if I put the repulsion act just for X and Y I have the effect like you want it.

I’ll work more in this improvement, could you tell me what do you exactly want? What kind of actors you want to be affected by it? Do they need to rotate? Something more?

I’ll send you a message when our product receives an update with this function.



Yes, but the player cannot be a skeletal mesh, because the actor needs to have physics on, and when physics is on for skeletal meshes you can’t control it anymore. (This is very challenging to make using only Blueprints, but I will not give up. :wink: )

Here is some screenshots I made to answer you. I created a RollingBPExample and included the Dynamic Gravity in this project.

As you can see, there is like a gravity in this small planet and I can control the ball normally, without any problem with the camera.

Thank you,

I’ve switched the tutorial video for a newer, faster and better version! Hope you like it!

Stay tunned for a new video still to come that explains what inside the pack.

Thank you!

The new tutorial video demonstrates an interaction with the player.



Thanks .

As I understand it this would require repulsion from a point acting on X and Y but not Z, just as in your test. I’m looking for this to effect actors including pawns and player characters. I’ve seen your reply to apoisonedgift about Physics and skeletal meshes, but I’m sure there must be a way to get around the limitation somehow.

For a full simulation of the effect I think all the level architecture would need to rotate and an increase in the rotation speed would increase the ‘gravity’ force on the outside according to some standard math. However I think this is probably unrealistic to achieve (prove me wrong if you like!) Instead I intend to rotate the skydome to trick the same appearance rather than rotating the level architecture so the repulsive forces are simpler to implement.


Dynamic Gravity Actor looks really nice and it would be very useful for my project :). One question though: How AI works with this component? If a bot is using Navmesh and SimpleMoveTo how it will be affected? Simulate Physics is Off, but Enable Gravity is On.

Now that’s something that I would seriously consider purchasing. The videos almost sold me. Once the AI has been answered, we shall see…


I tried to do what you said, but it was not possible. The only way to do that is changing the code of Character Movement Component.
But I figured out how to apply some effects on the character. Please check out the latest video that Gustavo made.

I want to thank you because your comment made me create the repulsion function.

Thank you so much.

Hi Shrike025,

If you acquire it today it’s not possible, but I just created this feature and many more, please check out the newest video. Gustavo showcased it exactly as you wanted.
It needs to simulate physics only when it is affected by the dynamic gravity force.

Hi Yggdrasil,

Thank you for your excitement. Please check out the newest video, it will answer all your questions.
If you’d like to acquire it now it’ll not have this feature, but it’s no problem, because we’re only waiting on Epic’s answers to submit it. But if you don’t want to, you could wait with no fear, after this new version is released the price will remain the same, this is somenthing we’re not willing to change!

Thank you all for commenting and we hope to hear more from you!

Hi, thanks for your reply. That is exactly what I need. I can’t wait to see the new version on the Marketplace and, of course, to make the purchase.

If I bought V1.0, will I be able to download 1.1 when it releases?

Also, do you think that 1.1 will have first/third person character support?

I think you’re doing a great job, this is an instant favorite of mine, thanks for the hard work!

Hey Lobotomy!

Thanks for the positive feedback! We’ll always do our best to give you guys the best!
So answering your questions about the first and third person charaters, we’re very happy to tell you the answer is YES! Please check out the new features video, the last scene you see there is from a first person pov.

About you being able to download the version 1.1, we suppose so, not in any way do we want to charge you guys again.
This is a must for this product, it doesn’t matter how much we upgrade it, we want it to stay the same price and downloadable by anyone who has already acquired it.
We’ve submitted the new version to Epic about 2 days ago and we’re anxiously waiting for it to be available to you.

Thanks once again,

This looks awesome. I am using Paper2d, is there anyway to lock the axis completely (ie setting to zero) so the items I affect dotn move closer/further from the camera?

Also, would it be possible to use this to create a wall walking effect? This would be in paper 2d too. So a player walks up to a wall, then the gravity changes and the player now moves up and down the wall?

Hey RockyRockford, thanks for the compliment!
You could definately lock the gravity to just one axis, but this has to be done in version 1.1 that should be up very soon, we sent Epic the upgrade a week ago. I tried doing it on Unreal Stick Figure 2D and it worked perfectly.
As for the walking effect, you wouldn’t be able to do it with this, because it has to do with the Character Movement Component, and it would involve C++. We’re doing it all in BP.
However, here’s a link to a free plugin made by Mhousse1247, you could try it, it looks like what you want.