Dynamic GI Methods That I Can Use

So I looked at the supported graphics cards for VXGI and my card isn’t on there. Do they have any plans to add support for any others? I’m sure AMD users will want some cool dynamic GI too. I have the 780 ti.

If I can’t get that on my card than it would look like LPV would have to be the answer in the future. Is that intended to be used in the same way? When it is finished will it support movable objects along side light sources?

AFAIK, VXGI is only native with the 900 and later series cards from NVidia. LPV may be the way to go anyhow due to FPS considerations.

VXGI works with any Nvidia card, but Maxwell cards are capable of certain optimizations that can aid performance.

Apart from VXGI and LPV there’s also DFGI, look around the forum to find more information.

VXGI also works on AMD cards, I’m not sure how far back but it works on an HD 7850.

VXGI will work for you, I’ve used it on a GTX 660 pretty well. I would avoid LPV, if you don’t want to use VXGI then wait for the 4.8 release which will have Distance Field GI which gives better results than LPV.