Dynamic GI, are their immportant for open world game that have time of day system?

is that fine if open world game that have time of day system not using dynamic GI?
do you know example open world game that doesn’t have dynamic GI?
I really can’t tell if the game using dynamic GI or not, :frowning:

Lack of dynamic GI is a big issue in games with realistic lighting/materials if there’s a lot of gameplay in buildings, in shadowed areas, or areas with cliffs and valleys. Lack of GI makes everything look much more flat and 2 dimensional.

World of Warcraft (vanilla at least) had day-night cycle and no dynamic GI.
GTAV from what I have seen must have some form of dynamic GI.

I’m pretty sure GTV doesn’t have any form of GI, just AO and reflections GTA V - Graphics Study - Adrian Courrèges