Dynamic geometry

how would one go about adding additional primitives, such as Icosahedron, cubed sphere etc? would i need to do that as a plugin, correct? and if so, there is a plugin sdk, and it’s updated for 4, right?

EDIT: this would be for procedural/dynamic geometry, such as planetary rendering etc…

It is fairly easy to add new PrimitiveComponent types as a plugin. Take a look at the CableComponent and CustomMeshComponent plugins I made.

thanks james. been fighting with visual studio for the last couple of hours, but i think i’m winning lol

anyway, i’ll take a look at it and see what i can see :wink:

hey James?

i see in the project/code where and what the CustomMeshComponent does etc, however, how am i supposed to use it? i see in blueprints where it shows up, just not sure how to get geometry in or even display the geometry it already has. i’ve looked through the docs and tutorials but other than explaining how to create a plugin, there’s not much explaining on how to use a plugin.

please advise :wink:

anyone have a direction they might point me?

I believe the plugins are meant to be used from within the editor only. As soon as you start making hard links between your code and the plugins, they are no longer plugins but instead become dependency.
See here for more information:

A “How to make a plugin, hello world” tutorial example would be nice to have.