Dynamic Forest Sounds | Valkyrie Sound UE4 Audio Tutorial

In this tutorial we create a dynamic system for loading forest sounds and a custom function to spawn some animal sounds.

Everything is based on the number of trees around the Player, which are placed with the Procedural Foliage Spawner.

This setup can be used for other environments as well, as you can load whatever meshes you like into the Spawner: swap out the trees for buildings, asteroids, lollipops, people - whatever your game needs.

Download the sounds used here: Transfer Big Files Free - Email or Send Large Files

**Procedural Foliage Spawner Tutorials **
Epic: Foliage | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube
Nitrogen: How To Create And Use Procedural Foliage Volumes - UE4 Tutorial - YouTube

Forest sounds by Valkyrie Sound, including original compositions.
Footsteps from Epic’s Shooter Game.

Thanks to Loraash on Reddit for letting me know that we can use custom channels to count trees.