Dynamic Environment? (Destructive, Weather systems, Construction etc)

Right so my game idea needs a dynamic environment.

By that I mean it needs to have a dynamic weather system:

  • Wind, rain, snow, storms that will move water, darken the sky and move trees a lot (will be using speedtree).
  • Ability to destroy “blocks”, by blocks I mean I want to have a RUST type system where you can build things, and destroy them, doors, walls etc
  • Interactive environment (Trees grow over a few days, trees can be cut down, trees have 2-4 stages of growth, places can be “mined”, lakes can be made etc… What would be needed for such a thing to happen?

I want to add the ability to reroute rivers, cut down forests, plant forests (seeds), build your own caves etc…

I need 55% of what your needing LOL…I still have not found this…I think this is a Secret that ALL programers know and WONT share unless you hire them…Because theres NOTHEN on this…Fitness sorry to be the one to tell you, But Speedtree Trees Can not be cut are destroyed in any form…There I candy ONLY…Thats why I canceled my Sub from them and making my own tree’s…

My Friend has this for Wind , Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Wind Effect (english) - YouTube

The weather stuff shouldn’t be too hard, set up various particle systems and materials that are affected by the same blueprint that can control wind and all that stuff you need.
The building part is doable with blueprints.
If you want trees to grow you can’t use the foliage mode, instead use Blueprints. Also, unlike what Sirhope says, it’s doable with speedtrees as long as you don’t use foliage mode. Just because there isn’t a built in feature in Speedtree doesn’t mean it’s not doable. There is no difference between a speedtree and any other static mesh, so anything you can do with a static mesh you can do with a Speedtree. just make a whole tree, a stump and a tree with the bottom missing, then switch the meshes with a blueprint when you “cut” them and make the tree fall or something similar. The same goes for having growth, just make a couple of various stages of growth that switches over time using blueprints.
When it comes to changing the landscape you’ll have a harder time to accomplish that. You’d need some kind of voxel system I guess to do that, it have been done so it’s certainly not impossible, but it won’t be easy. I think someone implemented PolyVox into UE4.

SpeedTree them self’s told me I couldn’t make there trees damaged :confused:

SpeedTree them self’s told me I couldn’t make there trees damaged :confused:

They(IDV) said that there isn’t a feature inside of Speedtree for this, they did not say it’s impossible to do using external packages.
Speedtrees are static meshes just like anything you create within your 3d application of choice, therefore you can use them just like any other static mesh.
You can make trees, dead trees, stumps and what ever you feel like in Speedtree, then you just build a blueprint to implement the cutting feature using these assets.

What I need is a blueprint system to tell the environment where the trees are. By that I mean, you can cut down a tree, permanently and build above it, I don’t want it to regrow in this case.

I want the players to have two settings:

  1. Fully cut down tree (never regrows)
  2. Leave stump and it will regrow over 3 days

Players can also plant trees which will take 3 days to grow in random locations

maybe a blueprint with visibility toggled for or different meshes / time or different meshes (meaning down, middle/top of the tree) well adjusted with matérial visibility toggled again.