Dynamic Emissive Lighting

I have a really cool Matrix-esque floor and light paths constantly pan in the material. I’d really like to see emissive elements actually light up the scene dynamically as an RTX-enabled feature. This could allow for tons of interesting light scenarios that are currently not possible.

i made a shader for my led light strip, but from my shader “use emmisive for static light” wont work. means dont make GI. but if i made my shader emmisive only (no light on off effect, it make GI.
here is my material node - emmisive material ON / OFF > | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4

If I was just baking, that would be OK. But I want this effect to be dynamic. There is a bright light that pans over the surface, a light up grid, and when the light gets bright or changes color I want that to affect the room.

This is possible with LPV (janky), but currently not with raytracing or any other method.

i found new work around, i kept my light on off material intact. and i place point light on same place which is going my GI work now.
i am working on a christmas scene, where i used this ON OFF lights feature.
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