Dynamic Economy. How hard would make simple economy via blueprints?

Hello. I have right now almost 0 experience. I’m going to in the near future if this engine is right for me start going through Tuts, etc.

The biggest thing I always wanted to do for myself not even a game to sell or give out maybe just Open Source it was a small space game with economy.

I wanted to do it though at the most basic level to start off as like RTS style.

So how hard would it be and maybe someone bored and make an example of the following.

2d or 3d world using basic shapes.

Square = Resource = Iron
Circle = Resource = Copper
X = Mining Ship
Triangle = Station.

So what would be cool to start off is if your Station had storage of 0/100 copper 0/100 Iron. The trade ship will go to the resources and grab what it can hold lets say 0/5 storage. It goes to the stations and places it inside and goes back to the resource. But depending on the lowest resource the station has it tells the mining ship to go and grab the other resource. So now the station has 5 Iron and 0 Copper it grab copper. Once the station has 100/100 copper/iron it will spit out another mining ship and it will also repeat the processes.

This would be the most simple thing on earth in terms of what it looks like to the user.