Dynamic DoF(Depth of Field) - Blueprint

What are these nodes/how do I find them?

The PP structure is not possible to be edited in recently U4 versions? MakePostProcessSettings doesn’t show the parameters … :frowning: (at least in 4.9)

Hi Mandango,

MakePostProcessSettings is a struct so in the newer versions the pins/params are hidden, if you click on the MakePostProcessSettings and look in the options for it, you will have a check box, check all the params you want to feed into.

It’s so it’s not a massive node, you can hide the params/pins you don’t need :slight_smile: Nice feature.

Nice work! I did everything according to this description and it works fine but I have one question about focal distance.
I’m trying to make DoF like in real life so if I look on near objects focal distance is small and all far objects are blured but if I look at far objects, only objects that very close to “eyes” (for example 50 cm) are blured and other objects (far then 50 cm) are sharp. Can ask for advice how to do it?

Ohhh thank you very much!, I haven’t realized! :smiley:

Off the top of my head, you need to play with focal region value i suppose. You wouldnt need to adjust it dynamically so just enable it in PP settings node(dont forget to enable override bool as well) then do some tests with different values and see if it helps.

I tried everything and “played” with all values 3 hours and still can’t achieve needed result. I think need to change near transition region dynamically when focal distance is far. But I have no idea how to do this.

I’ve found a solution. I divided focus distance by 8.5 (for my project) and multiplied focal region by 25 depending on all other options including distance. So focus distance decreased by 8.5 times and when I look far, focal region becomes larger and only close objects are blured.


This has been dormant for a long while, but I wondered if anyone has gotten this working without blurring the character arms/weapon?