Dynamic Combat

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**Description: **

Hi im doiing a survival turn based work in MP,

MY game are in dark age medieval time (the great plague) you begin in small village without the support of your lord, you have to survive by yourself with the rest of the village…

Third person,
Multiple Character by player (7),
Soul system, to upgrade enemy if they eat it, or you to upgrade class and god mod.
Multiplayer (4),
Turn based,
Building system,
System like ff7 (attack, skill, magic…)

Talent Required:**
experience with turn based
experience in Multiplayer

Hi want to know,

possible to create a system like (dofus/wakfu) with a reinforcement possibility, so when not in combat you have a free run mod, but when in combat you turn in turn by turn.
the combat mod need to be trigger when close to enemy (if they see you, or by you )

how to do that if you can help me! OR how much to create that system will cost me. Im a single person project…

Team Structure:**
(fill all position!)

if you can contact me in: