Dynamic Combat Text

Hello, I’ve just released the “Dynamic Combat Text” asset!

Marketplace Link (Click here)
Showcase Video (Click Here)

It is designed for simple out of the box functionality, with many options to allow you to fine tune how combat text is displayed. You can customise settings such as the animation style, speed, colour, font size, outline settings and optional icons.

  • Very easy to set up and use. Text activation requires only one function call.
  • Many options to tailor the look and feel of combat texts. Please see gallery and videos.
  • 5 included preset text types such as Normal, Critical Hit and Elemental Damage.
  • Add as many additional custom presets as required. Very simple to set up.
  • Text types can have optional icons and messages in addition to numbers.
  • Dynamic scaling when text is displayed at various distances from the player.
  • Spawn at the same location on the target every time, or a custom location such as the point of impact.
  • Demo level included, with shootable targets set up to display various text types.
  • Multiplayer enabled. Demo level and blueprint examples demonstrate replication setup.

Although the demo level uses a first person view, the Dynamic Combat Text system works well with any camera view and game type. The showcase video demonstrates this system used in melee combat with various camera angles

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Customisation Guide (Click Here)
Multiplayer Setup (Click Here)

Hi @theNewGfactor, I dont want to use 2D text/2D Space. Is there a way to use this system with 3D objects in 3D Space?