Dynamic Collider creation

Hello !

I’m searching for a very specific behaviour : I want to generate a collision component around any static mesh, dynamically. For example, if I have a chair, I want to be able to generate a chair like collision that is sligthly larger. The reason why it must be dynamically generated is because I don’t know what will be the mesh I’ll work with. I’m creating a systemic behaviour so when something is set on fire, I want to generate the “Fire area” around it to set other thing on fire.

I was thinking about copying the static mesh, scale it up, disable any rendering, and use it’s overlap to propagate the fire. But of course, since the origin of the mesh are often at the bottom, scaling it just make it “taller”. If you have any idea on how to set the center of my mesh equal to the center of the copied mesh, it can solve my first problem.

If you any solution for it, I’m taking it.

Thx !