Dynamic Chain problems - Glitching, not behaving as expected

I have this problem since forever, and decided to try to do something about it. Most of the projects I stay away from using any kind of physics because of this.
I have a chain. All the bones are setup as they should. But no matter what I do, if I come just a little close to it, interact with it in any way, its almost as if I would hit it with a nuclear explosion. Here is a video showing what I mean.

First of all, the bones freak out, second of all, when the char’s capsule meets the physical body of the chain, chain flies away. The same case was with anything - tables, barrels, etc.
Do you guys have any tips? Or hows it done in other projects?

  1. test without gravity.

  2. there’s a setting that defines how much energy chained bones receive. I’ll have to look up the name but it is in the collider.

  3. with chaos in the state it is, I’m not sure about this. What engine version are you on? Is it chaos already?

Hello guys, thanks for the replies. We are using 4.20, it’s hard for us to update the engine version. If you got the name of the setting, that would be great… Eitherway, is chaos better?

No. Worse for performance so far. And offers no benefit.

I think the setting is called tensor scale.
has x/y/z values you can adjust that limit the chain mobility similar to adding high damping values but different.
prevents bones from detaching as well when used correctly.

Thank you MostHost. I also saw some values in the character itself, as of right now we have deadlines so I will be skipping the dynamics (made animations instead).

btw. Worth a mention. Adding a post process anim BP stabilized most of my animdynamics stuff that dealt with interaction between physics and animations.
it’s not “magic” obviously. Worth a look if you are using animations…