Dynamic camera spawn and movement

Hi guys, i’m a student and i’m studying how to use UE4 and i’m trying to make a nice horror/escape game (similar to Slender) but at the moment i have some problems.
I’m studying programming at school so i find difficult to learn about blueprint programming. Anyway… the first problem is : I have a blueprint that contains 2 menus, the first main menu and the second menu for settings.
So when the player click on the Settings , a new camera is spawned and the game view goes on to the new camera. After this the camera should slowly move to the second menu… but i don’t know how to do an animation , i tried to use the FOR cycle but in the FOR i can’t use DELAYS… so i tried to create just a infinite loop to see if the animation works fine… but it dont. The camera spawn, then it change the position 1 time and the infinite loop seems to not work.

Anyway i post the blueprint images.

It’s my first time so i don’t know the right method to create a menu and camera animations, so if anyone can explain me the best method to create game menus and animate camera i would thank you very very much!

I’m also doing a 3D menu where it transitions menu to menu. Here are some different ways not sure any are the best way as I am also a beginner.

– “Set View Target with Blend” function. You can download the memory game and see how this transitions from camera to camera.
– if the camera is a component in a blueprint you can just use the move component to function.
(these two options the camera will move along a straight line but you can rotate the camera as it moves and you can set a certain movement speed)

Someone may know of a better way but those are the two I’ve used. Although I have a had trouble with the camera spinning until I lined up two of the axes and still have spinning issues on iOS.

Thanks for the reply, i will try the move component to function and i will give you some feedback.