Dynamic blob shadow

We’ve been discussing the subject here and I think I’d rather pay for something like that on the Marketplace :slight_smile:

I think Shadowgun’s dynamic blob shadow (Shadowgun_Unite2011.pdf - Google Drive page 27) that changes shape is the best blob shadow out there, as long as it performs well in mobile VR. It should be easy to turn on/off for any actor (in runtime too), should be really lightweight, sort of LODed (probably no need to draw it at certain distance, unless that doesn’t save any computations and definitely no need to draw it when not visible to the player) and multiplayer ready.

Would there be someone interested in implementing for UE4 ?

Im pretty sure 4.11 has a simple blob shadow for player characters which should be extendable to other actors. Also, the link doesnt work, its been appended.

The “simple” shadow 4.11 has is not the same as mObie friendly blob shadow from Shadowgun.

Btw, fixed the link.