Dynamic Background Music (need assistance)


I’m trying to implement dynamic music into my game.

The idea is simple. After the initial music track starts to play I want to Queue up the next audio track to be played based on the game state variable before the previous track ends. Then do the same for each subsequent track

Below is my WIP Blueprint.

Audio Query.jpg

Is this the best way to do it? How would I get the functionality described in the nodes I invented with the comment boxes?


Any suggestions? even a link to an example of how someone else has implemented dynamic music might help me,


You could use a Concurrency setting for the background music, allowing only 1 sound playing concurrently in that group, and PreventNew as setting, assuming all your tracks are split up into short segments. That would block any attempt to start a new sound with same concurrency-setting until the currently playing has finished, so you just keep spamming to play whatever mood you want to play in your TickUpdate.