Dynamic Audio Loading

Hello @dan.reynolds and other folks,

We are using UE4 as part of a live dance performance (mocap and a projected virtual space) including the new audio engine. On the audio side we are wanting to pipe live audio into UE4 (the granular synth from the new audio engine). The audio will be recorded and stored in memory (or written to file) by another program. Is there a way to dynamically load audio into UE4?

Also I was wondering if there was additional documentation or source code for the granular synth. I would like to know better what is going on so I can optimize and control precisely. I am experiencing some audio hiccups when it is playing back.

I do not have much UE4 experience but I have a lot of Max and other sound experience. There is a UE4 expert on the team.

Any pointers to documentation and examples etc are much appreciated.