Dynamic architecture

Hi guys (and girls),

I have been working on some assets to easily create rooms, houses and interiors.
The set of blueprints consist out of parts that are full configurable. I have created a wall BP, a stair BP, door BPs, lights BPs etc.

Examples and documentation are on my website (www.3dcanyon.com) and I would like some feedback.

It is still work in progress.

These BP’s look great! I have nothing to criticize other than a typo I saw on your site…

‘dyncamic’ (found on http://www.3dcanyon.com/dynarch/uv-stretching/ page) :slight_smile:

Very interesting! I’m not a huge fan of BSPs, but I like the system. Would there be some way to use meshes for something like the stairs? That way you can choose what type of railing and what type of steps.

This looks interesting, but I’m not clear on it. Are these BSPs? Or Blueprints?

These are blueprints. (not BSP’s)

For instance the basic wall blueprint (BP_DynWall) will create a mesh that you can fully configure with the blueprint parameters (size, materials etc). The textures in the materials will resize if the size changes.

I’m currently working on:

  • a dynamic cabinet
  • dynamic doors
  • dynamic windows

As soon as I have some documentation ready, I will post it on the site (www.3dcanyon.com)