Dynamic and Async loading level

Hey Guys,

Is anyone have finally found the solution with the last Unreal Engine 4.8 preview version and using blueprint of course to :

Display a widget who can play animation while and all along the level is currently loading. Then on loading complete, have a way to know if the loading is complete and allow us to open the requested level ?

Actually, stream level not work for an open level loading. and when i’m using an “open level” node i can view all my widget animation stopped, wich was normal until 4.8 preview, due the lack of Multithread…

But From what i’ve read after research, 4.8 was supposed to handle this basic open level streaming feature; but i don’t see anychange on nodes or any new nodes added.

So if someone get the answer, as i’m not the only one by the way who are looking for a solution , it will be nice to share how with us :stuck_out_tongue:

by the way if someone from Epic games know that it’s still not possible, it could be a good thing to mention in wich future version this will be plan to be available because i can’t read nothing too on the Board about this topic.

Thanks for your time guys !

I can’t offer any help, but I’m posting because I also would really like more info on this.

Im here looking for this too !!!

I’m gonna register my interest for this too! This would be really useful to have in Blueprint!

+1 on this. 4.9 though!

october nineteen, daylight… the monsters have overtaken the city… somehow… Im still waiting for async level loading…

It is possible, you can use a “load/unload stream level” node after adding levels to your persistent level. Investigate the “levels” window in under the “view” option. You can even use animations/play music during asynchronous loading.

are you talking about the case with “world composition enabled” ? yes or no?

and with what kind of streaming method? “blueprint” or “always loaded”?

Hi osakaro,

It depends on what you are looking for specifically. World composition is extremely helpful if you are planning on utilizing large, open worlds. However, for smaller projects simply using level streaming with a persistent level will probably be sufficient. The way you stream the levels is also based on what you are looking for. Blueprint is typically a good choice if you don’t need the levels to be loaded until specific instances. If you need the information to always be present, then using “always loaded” is a good idea.

the thing is blueprint streaming is not working async, as it supposed to be (not at least with 4.10 preview 1)

Please bear in mind that preview builds do not reflect the full release build, as many aspects of the release have yet to be implemented. However, are you testing this in PIE or in a packaged game? If you look here: How to stream levels async/hitch-free? - World Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums, you should test level streaming in a packaged project, as in PIE you will continue to see some hitching even in the best case scenarios.

thank, Im going to try it.
still my maps are so small that a simple fade out while I load seems to be enough (I only need not to induce nausea to the VR headset user), async was one option, black out is another…