DXRacer not sending me my chair, not replying to emails

I won a gaming chair from DXRacer in the raffle after Epic Summer Jam 2019, and I filled out the documents required immediately. I was told that everything was in order and that the chair would be sent soon.

Since then I’ve tried contacting DXRacer many, many times, but they are flat out ignoring my emails. They haven’t sent anything, no tracking number, no email, no nothing. The lady who first told me I had won went ahead and deleted her email account, it seems. The official support email offers no reply at all.

This is pretty ridiculous.

Does anyone know who I can contact to get somewhere with this? I’d really like to have that chair…

Also, fair warning to everyone, DXRacer seems like a really scummy company. Wouldn’t buy from them after this.