DX12 Square Enix tech demo

Did a search and was suprised this hadn’t been posted yet:

Additional info here:

:D:rolleyes::smiley: Nice

Four-way Titan X SLI?

Oof! :slight_smile:

Yeah its kinda cheating :slight_smile: Still awesome to see what’s possible. With the engine already though… This is where we’ll be in 5 years XD

More like next year. Pascal is estimated to be 3-4x faster than the Titan X and it’ll have 32GB VRAM.

Wow, the new console generation has really let the PC off the leash, hasn’t it? (Or more correctly, the end of the old console generation. This time, PCs started superior, and are just motoring away).*

  • I’m not fanboying. I have owned a lot of consoles in my time. This is just an observation about the current relative power of the PC platform to consoles.

PCs aren’t exactly superior per se, as the games all look similar especially when comparing PS4 with PC. The release of Pascal would be 3 years after the current consoles released so it is quite a long time. In terms of relative power, PCs can handle more effects and higher framerate and resolution but even then the percentage of people above 1080p isn’t very big.

Burn the heretic!!! :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t recommend a top-of-the-range Pascal for a 1080P gamer. And considering we both agree that even the PS4 can’t run at 1080P@60 with the effects turned up to eleven, I really don’t think we are arguing, here. :slight_smile:

In other words, the GPU memory will take all it’s given.

PS4 can run tons of demanding stuff at 1080p30fps though.

Yes, that’s right. The PS4 is indeed capable of running some games at 1080P@30fps. As I said, we’re not arguing here. :slight_smile:

I wonder how much of this tech demo is out of the box U4 and how much is Square Enix proprietary tech? thoughts?

I’m pretty sure that all of the footage is from Square Enix’s own engine, not UE4.

Looking forward to play games in such a quality. I think I will have to upgrade my pc setup soon… :smiley:

Too bad no one will be able to play that. Who has the money for a 4-way sli with Titans! Looks freakin nice though. And think about it. In twenty years we will have problems running it, cause it will run to fast! And then we get emulators… And they slow down the computer thus making it run like it did in 2015! :slight_smile:

By next year a single GPU will be able to run this demo.

Sorry to be the party pooper but, if any game you(meaning developer) ship out requires multiple graphic cards in order to look good and run. You’re doing it wrong, and should be kicked in the pants. It looks nice, but it’s overkill.

I wish more games had an ‘ultra-ultra’ setting.

This is a tech demo and it runs at 4K resolution with over 60 million poly’s per scene and 8K assets for everything. You could easily run this demo with a single GPU at a lower res or with lower res assets (which would barely reduce quality if at all if you do it right).